Gestures – also known as Symbols. They are used to perform skills and spells. Apart from the basic attacks, the game features 6 spells, unlocked while equipping an item in the slot. Each of the gestures has a unique effect.

Gesture Gesture description Equipment
1gest Basic attack. Thanks to this attack we can load Technique Crystals necessary to perform other gestures. Sword
2gest Area attack. Deals damage to multiple enemies located around the Guardian. The damage type depends on the equipped armor. Armor
3gest Directional attack. The Guardian attacks his enemies in the given direction. The damage depends on the totem's characteristics. Totem
4gest Targeted attack. The Guardian performs an attack in the indicated direction. The type of the damage dealt depends on the characteristics of the artifact. Artifact
5gest This gesture is responsible for summoning a spell. The Guardian calls the Sentinel's power, which powerfully influences the battlefield. The Sentinel's power depends on the chosen crystal. Sentinel's Crystal
6gest Gesture responsible for summoning the spell calling the Sentinel from the Ally's Crystal. Ally's Crystal